Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Motion Detector

By Darma Sentosa (22/6/2011)

Motion detector is a electronic device contain physical mechanism and sensor that use for catch or quantifies the motion image and can connected to other device that alert the user of the presence of a moving object within the field of view. Motion detector feature to reduce the burden of data storage. How it works is the motion detector detects a change pixel. If there is a movement, then the CCTV cameras consider changing its pixel values and finally record the changes. Motion detectors can also be used to provide a signal to the alarm to work so that we can monitor if there are any movements that we do not want. They form an integrated and comprehensive security system in the house or buildings.
An electronic motion detector contains a motion sensor that transforms the detection of motion into an electric signal. This can be achieved by measuring optical or acoustical changes in the field of view. Most motion detectors can detect up to 15–25 meters or 50–80 feet. A motion detector may be connected to a burglar alarm that is used to alert the home owner or security service after it detects motion. Such a detector may also trigger a recording device like red light camera and outdoor lighting.

An occupancy sensor is a motion detector that is integrated with a timing device. It senses when motion has stopped for a specified time period in order to trigger a light extinguishing signal. These devices prevent illumination of unoccupied spaces like public toilets. They are widely used for security purposes.
Placement of the sensors can be strategically mounted so as to lessen the chance of pets activating alarms. As interior motion detectors do not ‘see’ through windows or walls, motion-sensitive outdoor lighting is often recommended to enhance comprehensive efforts to protect your property. False alarms are those usually caused by technical errors such as electrical and mechanical failures. Nuisance alarms are system activations not commonly caused by attackers or intruders but rather from wind blown debris, animals, insects and foliage.

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