Friday, June 17, 2011

Fire Suppression System Overview

By Darma Sentosa (17/6/2011)

Home security devices also offer protection against fires. In most cases, people don’t know there’s a fire in their house until it’s too late; sometimes fires start in the kitchen and spread before the owner of the house who’s in the bedroom realizes it. It’s as important to protect your house against fire as it is to prevent burglaries. Apart from these protective systems, there are a few precautions you should take to prevent the risk of fire in your house. Make sure all candles and flames in your house are shut down before you leave your house even if it’s just for a small stroll outside. Small flames like these are dangerous as they are most often the reason for fires that bring down big houses. Don’t make the mistake of underrating small flames; most often small sources such as cigarette butts are the cause of big fires. It’s ideal to have smoke alarms installed along with fire alarm to be forewarned about dangers. Just think how secure you’ll be when you have a security system that also has a fire alarm; this way you wouldn’t get nasty shock caused by sudden fires.

Fire Suppression System is an integrated system consisting of detectors, controllers, alarms and fire distinguisher to protect against fire hazard indication. The detector serves as a sensor to the indication of fire hazards such as smoke, heat & flame. The detector consists of several types depent on material that is detected like smoke detector, heat detector & flame detector. Smoke detector is used as a sensor of the smoke. Heat detectors are used as sensors to heat. While the flame detector is used as a sensor to flames. The controller serves as a processor that receives input from the detector then gives a signal to the output of alarm notification and triggering fire suppression agent works to produce fire prevention measures.

Security systems offer protection against two major crisis situations: fire and break-ins. These are two situations that require a emergency solution from your side and both have to be dealt with differently. The first thing you have to do is, buy a good security system if you don’t already have one and install it in your house. You’ll be amazed to see the efficiency of these devices when there’s an emergency at home. You could be resting in your bedroom in your house or away on a vacation; no matter where you are, you should be in a position to know when there’s an emergency situation at home. And if there is, it’s important to notify the concerned authorities immediately. It doesn’t make sense to just know your house has been broken into but no action has been taken regarding this. Modern security systems are designed to handle these situations and inform the owner of the house as well as the authorities concerned. Most criminals now are aware of what will happen when they break into homes protected by a security system; so they’re sure to keep a distance from such homes.

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  1. Why are fire suppression system not mandatory for all new builds yet is it the price of the installation.

  2. That's true but sometimes this is very critical issue with many house have fire risks.