Saturday, June 18, 2011

CCTV Overview

By Darma Sentosa (18/6/2011)
CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a recording device that uses one or more video cameras and produce video or audio data. While the workings of the CCTV cameras transmit a signal in a closed pass through wireless or wired. The cable used for CCTV is usually a coaxial cable that is often used by analog TV to pick up signals broadcast from a TV antenna. Whereas if you use a wireless signal using a frequency of 2.4 Gigahertz. CCTV is usually used to monitor a place relating to confidentiality or security issues where, for example, used in shops, banks, or crowded public places.
Types of CCTV cameras:

1.  Image type -> type of shooting black & white or color.
2.  Shooting speed type (Frames per Second) -> type of camera that can take a number of images per second. Usually the workings of the CCTV cameras 1-6 FPS is considered sufficient to record a record of crime / theft. But some are using more than 30 FPS. Real-time CCTV minimal use 30 FPS.
3. Camera movement type (Pan Tilting Zoom) -> type of CCTV cameras which can be moved left and right (Pan) top down (Tilt) from a distance. CCTV is sometimes also use fixed cameras / Fixed cameras are video cameras that can not be moved. 
4. Data reception type -> type CCTV cameras there are only direct broadcast only and directly store video recordings.
5. Additional feature types -> types of cameras that have special features, such as CCTV night (Night Viewing), motion detection - (Record only when there is movement), remote viewing (moved from a distance), MPEG-4 video format, system backup, and can be accessed through the intenet, telephone cable, or LAN (Local Area Network).

Motion detector is a feature to reduce the burden of data storage. How it works is the motion detector detects a change pixel. If there is a movement, then the CCTV cameras consider changing its pixel values ​​and finally record the changes. Motion detectors can also be used to provide a signal to the alarm to work so that we can monitor if there are any movements that we do not want.

How to video storage can use two methods of storage. Tape storage media is the most convenient and efficient. Then the other method is to use a DVR (Digital Video Recorders). DVR is divided into stand-alone DVR is a DVR that has a camera and the storage itself. While the other is a PC-based DVR storage media connected to the computer system.


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