Monday, June 20, 2011

Smoke Detector

By Darma Sentosa (20/6/2011)

Smoke detectors detect smoke particles seen and unseen from the burning. Two types of smoke detectors commonly used are photoelectric type and ionization type. Description of each smoke detector as follows:
1. Photoelectric smoke detector
     In the photoelectric smoke detection system there are two beams, it is light source and light sensors that are designed so that both beams are not in touch. Smoke particles that enter the light source will be dissipated toward the light sensor and activate the fire alarm system.
2. Ionization smoke detector
     Ionization detectors have radioactive sources in them that give the air in the electric charge in a small space so that it can conduct electricity through the small space. When smoke enters the detector, the radiation will be blocked and is unable to give an electrical charge on the air and unable to deliver electricity through the space in it, when no electrical conductivity then the fire alarm will sound

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