Sunday, July 17, 2011

Central Alarm System

By Darma Sentosa (17/7/2011)
Central Alarm System is an alarm monitoring system on a network connected between the Fire Alarm Panel with a Server & Monitor through a router. Central Alarm System to function as an integrated alarm system in which every event that generates an alarm will be detected by a central monitor. Monitor function to display the operating conditions of an alarm signal indicating a fire hazard at a site. Fire Alarm Panel is a panel that serves as a controller that receives input from sensors and sends a signal to the output as a fire alarm. Server serves as the central processing data coming from each of the Fire Alarm Panel at a site. While the router to function as a regulator of data traffic in the network. Overview of the Central Alarm System as follows:

Input from the sensors will be a signal to a central alarm system to work. The monitoring system is expected to provide early warning or notification system to quickly take corrective or preventive measures against fire that occurred by the Emergency Response Group (ERG). So with the existence of an alarm monitoring system is expected to minimize the damages resulting from the fire and prevent loss of operating time. This system is also often called the danger management system.

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