Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jockey Pump Controller

By Darma Sentosa (22/09/2011)

Jockey Pump Controller is used as a tool for controlling the working of the pump to regulate water pressure in the hydrant. Jockey pump controller as a controller used to regulate pressure in the pipe so that when the pressure is reduced, the controller will generate a signal to fire pump works. Application of jockey pump is part of the fire pump control system, where its presence is required by NFPA 20 in clause A-2-19 that the pressure maintenance (jockey or make-up) pump to be used to maintain a relatively uniform high pressure on fire protection systems. The size of the jockey pump should load with the allowable leakage rate is within 10 minutes or 1 gpm (3.8 L / min), whichever is greater. The size of the jockey pump should be small than the fire pump. Schematic diagram of the jockey pump controller as follows:


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